Have a new Macbook and want to delete Apple Photo app


I have a new Macbook (running El Capitan) and I use other photo editing software than Apple's Photo app. I'd like to remove that app from my Mac.

The programs I use (Affinity and ACDSee Pro 3 for Mac) aren't allowed access to the Photos library. And anyway I prefer to develop my own photo/folder sequence.

So I'd like to bypass Photo and Photo Library altogether.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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Affinity can access the Photos Library, if you have newest updates installed. Itcan browse the Photos library using the Media browser, when you use "file > open" or you can call Afinities Photo editing extensions directly from the Edit panel in photos.

Otherwise, on El Capitan it is not possible to uninstall Photos,because the System Integrity Protection prevents it. you would have to disable this protection, not a good idea. Simply ignoring

photos is the best option. As Larry said. it does not need much storage.

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