Completely dead ipad - will not charge

Hope someone can offer suggestions

this is a 64MB wifi ipad I have had since 30th April. I love it and it has been excellent until today.

I had used it yesterday evening and it still had 55% showing on the battery - so it was just switched off overnight and left (no wifi running there is no signal where I am as we are away from home in our motorhome and I only charge it when it drops to 20%). Now it has been being charged bias it's mains lead via an inverter

When I looked this morning it was dead - I thought it odd but plugged it in to charge - only there was not the usual start up just nothing. And nothing still later

as I not home I do not have access to a mains socket or my computer

any thoughts would be appreciated

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My iPad has another death problem... It's turned of and when i press a button it appears the empty battery with the red line. So hard reset can't take place. Also it's not charging and it's not turns on....

What should i do...?

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