How to make screenshot/jpg/pdf of ENTIRE long Safari window (not just visible part)?

I want to get a "screenshot" (i.e. an image in any format -- PNG, JPG, PDF, whatever) of a looooooooong Safari window diplaying a Web page that entends far below the bottom of the visible screen area and has to be scrolled down to see all of it.

I know about the standard screenshot keyboard tricks in 10.6 -- Command-shift-4, Command-shift-4 then spacebar/click, Command-shift-3, etc. But not any of them allow the user to get a screen shot of the entirety of a long/deep window -- they only capture what is visible on the screen.

Also, another trick people often mention is to "print" (command-P) the Safari page, but instead of sending it to a printer choose "Save as PDF." Brilliant -- except that for some reason I've never been able to "print" a Safari page -- as soon as I hit the command-P keystrokes in Safari, I immediately get a spinning beachball that will only go a way with a force-quit of Safari. This has always been true on this computer (MacBook Pro) -- not sure if it's a common bug or if it's just an eccentricity of my particular machine. Either way, that option is off the table because "printing" is impossible with my Safari.

I also searched around for various third-party freeware applications, and despite a lot of grandiose promises, none of them actually was able to capture an entire window including portions not currently visible on the screen.

I did find a commercial application called SnapWeb that does have the capability to do exactly what I want -- but it doesn't produce usable images in demo mode and requires $$$ to unlock and work properly, something I'm currently unwilling to pay for a simple one-use gimmick that simply must be part of the OS already.

So my question is:

Is there any native way within the 10.6 OS that allows users to capture an entire long Safari window as an image file (not as a Web Archive, but as an image file composed of pixels), which includes the entirety of a Web page no matter how "long" it is, even if it extends far below the visible screen footprint?

And if there is no native way in 10.6, if there a freeware/shareware application/widget/plugin/whatever which does the same thing?

I already know about a commercial software that does it (SnapWeb), so I don't need more recommendations for paid apps. And I know that I can laboriously construct a JPEG by hand with Photoshop by taking a screenshot of the visible window, scrolling down a little, taking another screenshot, etc. etc., and then
"stitching" them together. Yeah, it's possible (and in fact is what I've done in the past), but it's a time-consuming hassle that shouldn't be necessary.

Help! I've wondered about how to do this for years, and have never yet found a satisfactory answer.

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After fiddling with Paparazzi! for another 40 minutes, I finally deciphered (through trial-and-error) how to maneuver through its awkward user-interface to an extent that I was finally able to make it "work" -- at least work sufficiently for my purposes. And lo and behold, it does indeed have the capacity to capture a screenshot of an entire long Web page, including the portion not visible on the screen. In fact my first attempt was to experiment with this very page of our thread on Apple "Discussions" about how to solve this problem -- and I got Paparazzi! to save it as a jpeg!! The whole thread, top to bottom, exactly as on the screen, not re-formatted for printing. The final file size was 985 pixels wide by 4,204 pixels long (1.2mb).

I have since experimented with a couple other pages and had success with them as well.

HOWEVER, I can't guarantee that Paparazzi! will work with every page on the Web, because I think one of the problems when I first attempted to use it was that the page I was trying to get a screenshot of contained a lot of Flash elements and other data-heavy widgets, and I think those messed up Paparazzi!'s memory or overwhelmed it or something. But perhaps such huge and problematic pages are rare enough to not be much of an issue using Paparazzi! under normal circumstances.

So, I'll consider this problem "solved," and give user "jsd2" a "This helped me" star, since even though I already had Paparazzi! he encouraged me to revisit it.

And for the record to help those who might stumble on this thread in the future seeking a solution to the same problem:

The freeware program to get is called "Paparazzi!" and is available directly on the developers site here:

Also, note that the current version only works with 10.6.8 or later, but if you have a previous version of the Mac OS, the developer helpfully maintains an archive of older releases that work with older OS versions -- you can access the old (and new) versions here:

It's also available for free download on various popular third-party sites, like:!

Be warned that Paparazzi! does not have a very intuitive user interface, nor a user manual, so be patient with it and you should be able to figure out how to make it work.

If you want another application that also does the trick and which has a simpler and better user experience, but you don't mind paying money to buy it, you can purchase and download "SnapWeb" on its developer's site here:

And if any seeing this in the future knows whether or not there is a native way to capture entire Web pages built in to 10.6, please post the info here. Thanks!

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