deleting folders and files nusiance

I've discovered a problem in finder that is driving me up the wall.

SL 10.6.6 (happens on SL Server too)

Whenever I delete a single file and/or folder a few levels/folders down in Column View in Finder, the folder selection will jump to the top folder or to the root level of the hard drive/mounted disk depending on where the file/folder was.

The folder selection jumping very annoying because I have to re-navigate back into my folder to delete anything else. When deleting old pictures and folders, this is making my progress very slow. Yes, the Command and Shift keys help, but sometimes it's point, click delete. And the folder selection jumping sill happens!
Yes, I could use Bridge, but that's not the point.

File structure example-

Root level of an external disk
2011> IMGS > Basshunter > IMGP1000.TIFF
2010 > Models 2010 > IMG2.CR2
2009 > Spring > Tulip HDR.PSD

If I delete the spring folder from 2009 or the tulip HDR.PSD
the folder selection will jump back to the 2009 folder.

If I delete Notes.pages, the folder selection will jump to the root level of the disk.

Please note, this also happens the same way in my home folder, I used an external disk example to show it happens everywhere.

I am not afraid of command line, so I'm up to try anything to fix this.

Is there a fix to keep finder from jumping to the root folder whenever I delete something?
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I don't think you can fix it, but suggest using list view, wherein that doesn't happen.

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