How to stop the wifi pop-up window?

Lion 10.7.1:

When my MBP boots or wakes up, if its in range of a wireless network, I'll get a pop up browser window asking if I want to join it - even if my browser's not running. Being a pop-up, this isn't a full browser window and so doesn't contain my 1Password extension button, so its pretty annoying.

Is there a way to turn this pop-up window off?


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So this is the solution:

1. First go to

[Hard Disk] > System > Library > CoreServices > Captive Network

Click on the app once, and hit ‘return’ on your keyboard. This will make the name editable.

2. Hit the ‘left arrow’ key once to move the cursor to the beginning of the name and to unselect the text.

3. Type an ‘X’ (actually any letter will do, but I like ‘X’ so I can easily find the app later at the bottom of the list even if I forgot its exact name).

4. Hit ‘return’ on the keyboard. At this point, OS X will ask you to provide an Admin password as only Admin users are allowed to mess with files in the System directory. Type in your password and hit ‘OK’.

The name should now read ‘XCaptive Network’.

And that’s it! Captive Network Assistant will never run again unless you decide to change its name back to what it was (to do so, just repeat the procedure above and remove the ‘X’).

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