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How to write a good question? Hmmmm

1) I have searched forum for "Mac Mail Keeps Asking for Password"

*seems simple enough, for I've spend most of my day trying to beat the machine*

the IMAP, Keychain, POP, smtp,outgoing, user, servers, mailboxes, trickery, repair permissions, Safe mode start up

I've never been asked for a password in my Mac Mail, today, both the accounts I use on a daily basis,

both popped up with windows asking for passwords. I went to my keychain, checked the latest

passwords, and one account (gmail) did start receiving mail.

My Yahoo account, no matter what I do, it won't pull in mail.

I know I can go to Yahoo.com and check my mail there, but you know what a drag

that is.

Yahoo also offers so "send your email to One location, such as AOL, Google Mail, etc..

I doubt I'd ever do that.

I also have to be humble.. I own a MacBook Pro with the version 10.6.8 - 4GB

In June, if new models are revealed, I'm first in line.

ISP told me "uuhh, dunno nottin bout Maacs" "Yu should call Apple"

I noticed that this topic was last discussed in 2013... and I only hope some smarty

knows how this happened, and if there is a quick fix.

Seems like more than often, I've been prompted to make password changes.

I not have a word document in a fireproof box, in case my house burns down,

I'll have my passwords.


Since even I can't get in, I trust nobody will feel the need to copy any personal information -

you are welcome to know my email address, since they are blinky.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 6.32.39 p.m..png

Understand too, if this is a newbie question and nobody wants to waste their time.

thanks in advance


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When you go into Yahoo to check your mail via the website, are you sure you are using the same password via Apple's Mail Program?

Also no Powerbook can run 10.6.8. You do mention you have a MacBook Pro on your post, so I suggest editing your signature accordingly. They are different computers. MacBook Pros come out new almost every year, however a lot has changed since 10.6.8 was released, and I wouldn't be too jumpy to get to a new operating system unless you need the latest Java, or Apple's iCloud. If you do, this tip is important to read before you do:


And you really need to solve your e-mail problem before you attempt to buy a new computer.

Seeing as your e-mail has several different accounts set up, I suggest simplifying.

Write down for yourself each account, and each account setting you need on a sheet of paper, and just try having one setting open at a time. Since they are all IMAP, I'm hoping you stored all your e-mail on the server, and not on any "On my Mac folders." Let us know if you did before deleting any accounts?

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