How to Transfer apple mail data to windows outlook 2013

Looking for a solution that will help me transfer all my data, from emails to address book and contacts from apple mail to outlook 2013 in windows system.

I have gone through Imap way of email, but there are some few thousand emails stored as archive and are not available on server. And via Imap I cannot export my contacts and address book. So how can I transfer all the data from mac to windows outlook 2013.

Please help.

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If both system are using the IMAP mail provider all you have to do is setup the connection to the mail server and all the emails and folders will be copied down to the windows computer. That is what IMAP is for. The mail stays on the server, and can be store on the local computer also, and when you connect to the server with another device, computer, phone or pad, all the mail with folders gets copied to the other device.

But I think some of your mail was gotten using POP so it is not longer on the server.

Or you have emails in local folder only and they would be on the server. But you can create folder on the server in one mail program, or on the mail web interface and then copy those emails into those folder on the server byt copying them in one of the email programs. Then when you log on with the other device all of them will be downloaded to the other device.

Other alternative:-

You can find various solutions on having a google search for your problem.

Or you can have a look at the following link: Apple mail to Outlook Windows

Hope this will help.

Thank you

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