View the hidden Library Folder on External Hard-drive or Time Capsule


It has been necessary to do a "Clean Install" on my iMac.

I have used the command "chflags nohidden ~ / Library" in the Terminal Window to show my hidden "Library Folder. Now I see my "Library Folder" on my iMac, but not on my External Hard-drive or Time Capsule. Can anyone tell me how I can view the hidden "Library Folder" on my External Hard-drive or Time Capsule.

I use Time Machine on my Time Capsule and Carbon Copy Cloner on my External Hard-drive. I need to restore some files from "Library Folder".

I use Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

Sorry for the bad english.


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All of my clones carry the nohidden attribute. Are you sure you ran the command before cloning? BTW, I don't do TM, so can't help with that.

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