System crash after deleting Core Audio framework files

I posted this in the Logic community but I figured I should repost it here because of the *urgency* of the problem I have just created...

In an attempt to get an audio interface to work, I deleted two Core Audio framework files. As soon as I deleted them the computer stopped working, wouldn't even let me put them back from the trash bin. Since restarting it can't get past the grey loading screen with the apple logo. Have also tried starting it in SafeMode... Did I just wreck this computer?

Macbook Pro mid 2012 with OSX 10.8.5

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You really can't wreck software on a Mac but you'll need to reistall from recovery...

OS X: About OS X Recovery - Apple Support

This will install only system files and leave you data in place.

If you have a Time Machine backup or a clone you could restore from those.

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