how do I move photos from android phone (LG) to my mac?

how can I move photos from android phone (LG) to my Mac (iPhoto)

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This is probably not the quickest or simplest way but this is how I do it between my LG G3 and my Mac.

  1. LG phone is setup with Gmail account and photos are synced to Google storage.
  2. On Mac, visit
  3. Select and download photos to Mac.

Another possibility is using Bluetooth to send the photos from the LG to the Mac. Transfer files between your Mac and Bluetooth devices - Apple Support


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I know a special designed android data backup app,iPubsoft Android File Manager, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer, and you need to enable usb debugging on your phone.


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Well, there're many methods to backup your mdeia files to computer. But if you want to backup all these data to computer just in one click, you may use a third party app to help.

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