How do I open macromedia freehand file?

How do I open macromedia freehand file?

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Hello Yousuf,

I did more testing today to see what else may help. This time I exported all of the sample Freehand images I was using for testing to Editable EPS. This does work, but they have two major problems when opening the files in Illustrator:

1) If the images were built as RGB, they do stay in that color mode, but all color gets reduced to the nearest CMYK equivalent. Someone at Macromedia apparently decided that if you're saving as an EPS, well, then you must be going to press with it.

2) It saves the converted EPS file as thousands, or millions of overlapping triangles. They become incredibly complex and large files. So in a technical sense, they're editable. In truth, you couldn't possibly edit them in any meaningful way.

So then I went on to test number two. I knew Illustrator used to open Freehand files itself, so had to find out when that was taken out. The answer is, CS5 was the last version of Illustrator that would open Freehand files. Since I had that on hand, I installed it to test.

The basic answer to that is, "How complex are your Freehand files?". Some of the acid test images seen above, such as the '20s flapper girl and the Mideast princess didn't open well, although it did a pretty darn good job on the night beach scene. The blimp image opened almost perfectly. They faucets and the Fleur de Lis looking thing were a perfect match to how they open in Freehand 11. Just about anything I opened from my Freehand 9 disk opened perfectly in Illustrator as again, these were much less complex art.

So it all depends on how complex your standing images are. If they're all fairly simple, you could set up an action in Illustrator CS5 to open your Freehand files and then save them back out to Illustrator art. An action will run through an entire folders worth of stuff so you don't have do each drawing manually, one at a time. All of your Freehand files will then be in a much more modern, and more importantly, a supported file format. Also a plus is that since Illustrator CS3 (I think that's the right one), native Illustrator .ai files are actually PDFs, just with a different extension so they open back up in Illustrator when double clicked. You can take any .ai file from CS3 or later, change the extension from .ai to .psd and it will open in Preview or the Acrobat Reader as if it were always a PDF (since it is).

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