Apple ID not working on MacBook after password update

I know this has been posted before - numerous times - and I've searched or answers, and tried a bunch of things however what is surely a very simple task is not working for me (and driving me nuts).

  • I had issues with my Apple ID recently where I was prompted to change my password. I had to change it several times before Apple got the process to work (long story)
  • The use of my Apple ID to receive text messages on my MacBook Air I haven't been able to reinstate.
  • I will get text message sent to my email - but not my phone

In System Preferences:

  • I've gone to User & Groups and deleted my Apple account and readied.
  • Internet accounts lists my details, but doesn't give me the option to change my password
  • My phone (as a device only) is part of my account - but I think somewhere I need to list the actual phone number - can't find this.

In the Messages app:

  • I've deleted my Apple ID and re-added - however this doesn't prompt for my phone number anywhere

Any thoughts are much appreciated.

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.53 GHz)
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Hello Shari,

Thank you for using the Apple Support Communities!

If I understand correctly, you are unable to receive messages on your MacBook Air. I use my Air all day and the ability to receive and send text messages on it saves me from having to pull my phone out all day long.

Your thoughts about needing to add your phone number to the account on the MacBook Air are accurate. Here are the steps on how to add that number:

Add or remove your phone number to iMessage or FaceTime on your Mac, iPad, and iPod touch


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