HT1529 Upon startup my iMac has a popup that says: "talagent wants to use the local items keychain." New to me--can't get anywhere. How do I get out of this and get things up and running again?

Upon startup my iMac (OSX Mavericks) has a popup (that I can't get rid of!) that says: "talagent wants to use the local items keychain." I never set this up, don't want it, and want my iMac to start up with my desktop in place and ready to work. I'd appreciate some help please. How do I get rid of this? Thanks.


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I found this and it fixed my issue..

I was suffering with this same problem, I followed these steps and everything returned to normality:

1.- I opened KeyChain app and run the FirstAid (from the KeyChain app Menu)with my user Password (this do work) because the problem is not with your password. If there is any trouble with your keychain file this will fix it.

2.- Opened Disk Aid and run Fix Persmissions just in case there was left some wrong file permissions during the upgrade.

3.- Went back to the Key Chain App and Locked and Unlocked the Keychain using the Lock in the top left corner of the app. When asked for my password I simply typed my User password.

After this everything worked fine. These are the steps that I followed but I really think that #3 did the trick here. You could try to do only #3 directly and it might fix your problem, but fixing the Keychain and fixing OS permissions is never a bad Idea.

Good Luck friends.

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