how can i paste a column of email addresses from an excel spreadsheet into a Mail message To: window

In the past I have been able to send a group email by copying a column of email addresses from an Excel spreadsheet and pasting it into the To: window of an email message I had composed. I simply dragged my cursor down the column containing the email addresses, right-clicked Copy, put my cursor into the To: window of the email, and hit Paste. Mail recognized the list as a series of email addresses and I was able to hit Send and the email went on its way.

Today I tried to do this and after I hit Send I got an error message. It appears to me that Mail did not recognize the list as a series of individual email addresses but saw them as one long address; the error message said it "did not appear to be a valid email address". Has something changed in Mail? I recently installed Mavericks!

I can't be the only one who sends group emails this way. Are others experiencing this problem?

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Mail now needs a "," (comma) separator.

In Excel, just go the the next col and use the formula: =A1&","

...and then paste that col into mail

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