can I move my messages to my new computer

I just got a new imac 27 and would like to be able to transfer my messages and also a list of the people I have sent or received messages from to my new computer, is this possible?

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In simple terms yes.

You can Migrate the whole Mac User Account.

However before your launch Messages open the Keychain and remove the IDS: YourAppleID-Auth Token as it contains the Serial Number of the old computer and you need to use the new one.

So Open Keychain Access in Applications/Utilities and set "Login" top left and "Passwords" lower left.

On the right you should find the IDS item.

Delete it.


If you have already set up a Mac User account you want to use you will need to grab these :-

In ~/Library/Messages pull all three chat.db items and th Attachments folder to the new computer same folder.

To see the ~/Library use the Finder > Go Menu whilst holding down the ALT key and select the Library that appears.

Logging on to the other computer can be done in the Finder and using the Mac User Account and it's password for the other Mac.

You can then navigate both windows to the relevant folder before dragging one to the other.

You also need ~/Library/Containers/ particularly if your Save Chats.

When you have copied this across create an Alias of the "new Attachments Folder and place it in the Containers.... Messages folder (alongside th Archive)

You cannot transfer the original as it will hold the path to the Original Attachments folder and not the file on the new computer.


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