Apple Watch: Outdoor Cycle Workout issue

Outdoor Cycle Workout not recording distance or speed. Anyone else have the same issue? If so, how can it be fixed? Thanks!

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Hello Nick

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I have been on several rides (long and short) always with my iPhone, saved them to the activity app but they are not showing distance or speed at all. Not when actually riding or when viewing the data afterwards. It just shows a broken line or a zero in the space for distance and speed.

I did wonder if it was because I chose the 'OPEN No Goal' setting, so I will experiment again tomorrow with a goal and see if that makes any difference.

I know it could be a case of having certain boxes checked or unchecked in the drill down menus but there seems to be no mention of such settings in the guides.

Anyway, thanks again.

Should you or anyone else have any ideas, I am all ears.

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