How do I access my iBook G4 hard drive from a Macbook Pro

My iBook G4 has not been working for some time now. Once I press the power button, a fan would come on and the screen is blank. I've had this fixed under warranty before as the motherboard had failed, but after it failed again, I gave up on it but would like to grab my files from the hard drive.

Currently I have an Early 2011 Macbook Pro. What would be the best way to copy files from my iBook's hard drive, to my Macbook Pro? Would purchasing an IDE to USB adaptor work if I remove the iBook's hard drive, or is there an easier way to get those files?

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With the old computer's hard disk drive removed, you could try to access the data files

from it by use of an adapter which would allow such an attempt or perhaps success...

Products such as the Universal Drive Adapter USB (USB3.0/2.0, etc) from OWC exist;

these usually include a power adapter to run the removed hard drive, and a cable kit.

This one can be used with ATA/IDE/PATA and the more common SATA connection.

Hopefully you are able to access and recover your files. A free file recovery application

such as Test Disk and PhotoRec may be able to help; however this example is not as

refined and will work cross-platform. It also can be customized to just retrieve file types

so experimentation and attention to detail is advised. The link below has more info:

Good luck & happy computing!

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