How can I find out which install discs iBook G4 needs?

I have an old iBook G4 that I would like to sell and want to restore and clean all my data off before doing so. It was given to me by a friend years ago and they did not give me the install discs with it so I am trying to track down a set. I called Apple recently and they were not able to sell/send me the discs because of how old the computer is, so I am looking to buy a set on ebay instead. I've already ordered the wrong set once so I want to make sure I get the right ones this time.


OS: 10.4.11

Memory: 512 MB

Model: PowerBook 6,7

CPU: PowerPC G4 (1.5)

CPU Speed: 1.42 GHz

Model Number: A1134

I'm looking at a set on ebay (2Z691-5728-A) that I believe may be the right set, but maybe someone here can confirm that for me before I buy, or direct me to some sort of database that might tell me which discs are right for this computer.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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The software you found on ebay may not be correct for the iBook G4 14-inch (mid-2005) last model

portable computer you have. -- How did you arrive at the selection of the part number to try to get?

Was the contact at Apple support able to tell you anything specific about your computer and OS

version when you talked to them? Usually your choice of replacement software would be based

on model build year and other details, and in several instances, the product serial number....

a lookup service by serial number such as powerbookmedic has on their site, may help somewhat. sometimes older unit info goes missing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.56.09 PM.png

At least you have good identifiers in your post. I have the 12-inch 1.33GHz (mid-2005) model that

was an early build since it shipped with an older version of Tiger 10.4 on its special install DVD set.

Model Number A1133 (12.1-inch) A1134 (14.1-inch)

Order Number M9846LL/A (12.1-inch), M9848LL/A (14.1-inch)

There does not appear to be a visible difference in the install restore DVD kit for the 12-inch & 14-

inch Mid-2005 iBook G4; so that may not be a consideration at this late a date. The DVD would have

to be from the correct vintage iBook G4 series; generally it provides drivers for that build of hardware

and other details that changed along with the specifications, and firmware.

A later build would also need to have the set that one shipped with. -- Or, you could be looking to get

iLife '06 DVD, and a retail Leopard 10.5 DVD; and try to restore a new later OS X with some of the

applications from this other media. The retail OS X 10.5.x DVD would be costly, and no longer is

available from Apple. There had been a replacement white label (not for resale) DVD of the two

generally needed OS X versions for PowerPC (pre-intel) for sale by calling AppleCare, but it seems

that service has fallen by the wayside. I was on the lookout for Leopard 10.5 retail DVD sets a few

years ago and found a moving sale, w/ in-the-box software & other Mac accessories, inexpensively.

So the retail label OS X 10.5 DVD and the iLife '06 DVD kit or separate retail discs, would be likely

the thing to look for. Also the iBook G4 (mid-2005) model can use 1.5GB of RAM and the extra bit

can be installed in a slot under the keyboard. This takes the same upgrade RAM type as the iMac

G4 (PPC 1.25GHz) desktop model, in the user-accessible upgrade slot; this link shows the specs:

1.0GB SO-DIMM Memory Module PC2700 DDR 333Mhz

Anyway, between that and the hard disk drive (portable computers can see faster wear on their HDD)

replacement may be needed. The OWC company has Legacy SSD (IDE/ATA) drive

options that can help older models run faster. The internal HDD in the iBook G4 is a slow point with

a later OS X such as Leopard 10.5.8. I have two working PPC G4 models with 10.5.8. They both

need help in the fact their hard drive spin rate affects the speed at which Virtual Memory is accessed.

(A lack of adequate RAM, physical installed, is usually supplemented by read-write space on the HDD.)

So, there is some possibility the link to the software you found may/not be correct for your iBook G4.

{I just looked at the original media disc for my 12-inch mid-2005 iBook G4 and by the info, as long as

the one on ebay has iBook G4 and copyright of 2005, it may be OK. Get return confirmation in case

if the part number is not proper to your 14-inch G4 mid-2005 unit; for sake of refund/return.}

In any event...

Good luck & happy computing!

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