My iBook G3 won't recognize my 3TB & 4TB external hard drives. Why?

I've had my 4TB external hard drive since May and my iBook G3 since April. I've been trying to connect my 4TB external hard drive to my iBook, and it says some error message about the disk. So what I decided to do is come here and search for similar problems to mine that other users have posted on the forum, and found one, but the user didn't discuss how he solved his problem.

What do I need to do for my iBook G3 to recognize my external hard drive? My iBook runs on Mac OS X.

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There is a fair chance the older first edition dualUSB ported white iBook G3/G4 group

does not support larger capacity hard drives; you also may need to check the format

to see if the unit shipped with one that isn't compatible with old OS X or OS9.2.2 files. /

External use of larger capacity drives is a different area of concern than internal hard

disk drive usage; and not just size but type is also important when considering internal.

With an external drive, a new one supports USB2.0/3.0 and faster; the unit may not be

supported with USB1.1 that is as much as 40x slower in read-write. And if the unit is

not in a self-powered enclosure, that too will likely fail since port-power for a larger HDD

may be lacking from an old USB1.1 dualUSB computer. There likely is a mis-match in

hardware support. As details are lacking, one can go across a wide range of possibilities.

And older PowerPC macs tend to prefer their external drives be IDE/ATA (PATA) and be

inside a FireWire400 self-powered (not bus powered) enclosure; these also can support

bootable clones of the OSX if the controller chipset inside the enclosure is proper type.

An earlier chipset type was referred to as 'Oxford chipset' but there are other; see the

OWC site for enclosures w/ their own power supplies, FireWire400/800.

So the kind & type of hard drive enclosure may also be an issue, in addition to the limits

in physical capacity of the drive and how it is attached to the computer... And power.

Good luck & happy computing!

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