about my apple id

hi there ,

i have a iphone 4 , i think it is 4+- years old but ...+ - 3 years ago i disabled that email account (still 3 email accounts left lol ) , because full off spam , back in the days i had a new phone and you know , the iphone boxxed up and now i need that phone .. ive been looking for a several hours +5 right now on how i can manage to get my apple id back xP , since i have to login with my old apple id and i really dont know nothing about it anymore ,

Ps : i still have my serial nr , and my box , papers from the iphone.

tyvm for your time . mvg

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2
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Apple will not be able to provide you with the email address that would have been used. You will have to guess at a few that you might have had to recover it. You can choose the option in that link for Forgotten Apple ID. Beyond that, you can Contact Apple for support and service - Apple Support. You will still need to be able to provide any email address you may have used so they can look it up in their system and attempt to verify you for it so you can regain access.

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