Apple Mail - assigning priority


could someone explain why I have this problem and how to put it right.

I use Apple mail with a Gmail account.

I cannot assign a Priority setting to an individual mail message.

I select:


then: from the drop down menu I select: Message / Mark

the 3 priorities appear

- As low priority

- As normal priority

- As high priority

are all "greyed" out - I can't select any.

Could there be a setting in my Gmail account I need to change……?

Any advice much appreciated.


Tony……in London UK.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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Hi N14!

I understand you'd like to assign priority settings to messages in the Mail app. I can understand wanting to set the priority for messages within Mail, and I'm happy to go over some information for you. Priority settings are only applicable to outgoing messages, so that may be why you're not able to select a priority. If you're having issues assigning a priority to outgoing messages, please reply and let me know which version of OS X you're using.

Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.


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