Customize Apple Mail Reply text string

Somewhere, I suspect I can edit a preference file for Apple Mail that will let me customize the following:

When I reply to an email, the following is auto-generated:

On May 17, 2016, at 7:49 AM, Joe Blow <> wrote:

However, I would prefer:

On May 17, 2016, Joe wrote:

So, I wonder if there is a settings file with something like the following in it:

"On <message date>, at <message time>, <First> <Last> <sender.address> wrote:"

...which I would trim to be:

"On <message date>, <First> wrote:"

The actual form that it takes isn't important, as I can probably figure out how to modify it to suit my intent. But, does such a settings file exist, and what is the path to the file and the name?

I tried a Google search, and came up empty. Perhaps nobody has ever even bothered with this sort of thing? I would love to stop editing all my replies before sending, to get them to look the way I want.


I'm using El Capitan.

PowerMac, OS X El Capitan (10.11.5)
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