MacBook Air can't find wireless printer

My MacBook Air can't "see" my wireless printer and will only print when connected by USB. I've been through every troubleshooting suggestion the HP support site could offer and they referred me here. I don't believe it's a problem with the printer or network because I can print just fine from my phone or my husband's MacBook Air. I can't find any settings on his computer that are different than the settings on mine and we're both running iOS 10.11.4. I would welcome any advice or suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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Please uninstall the McAfee product by following these instructions.

Note that if you have already tried to uninstall the software, you may have to reinstall it in order to finish the job. If you have a different version of the product, the procedure may be different.

Back up all data before making any changes. Never install any "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" product again.


From the menu bar, please select

System Preferences... Network

If the Network preference pane is locked, click the lock icon in the lower left corner and enter your password to unlock it. Then click

Advanced... TCP/IP Configure IPv6: Automatically

If that's already the setting, change it to something else, then change it back. Click OK and then Apply.

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