Certain Songs in Playlist won't sync?

I am hoping someone can restore my sanity. I have recently signed up for apple music and wanted to add some older songs to a playlist. There are about 30 songs and then I wanted to sync them on my apple watch. All songs in the playlist are downloaded to my iPhone. However, there are three songs that won't seem to sync??? Specifically- Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith), Psycho Killer (Talking Heads) and Big Shot (Billy Joel). Though since these were in a greatest hits albums, maybe there was some issue...but even after adding them to my list from the original albums (Toys in the Attic, 52nd Street and talking Heads 77). Those SAME SONGS won't sync. Why? Any ideas?

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Well, it appears that stated songs above will only sync after being purchased. After purchasing them, they sync'd. This demonstrated that there is an inconsistency in the process, as most songs added to my playlist were added from having Apple Music service, without purchase of specific songs. All, of course, play just fine on the iPhone. I am are others will experience this...

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