Images deleted from iPad 2 but memory still full of photos. How to fix this?

The memory on my iPad 2 is full -- 46.7 GB of it is Photo Library. We've deleted a whole lot of images and they don't show up anymore but memory usage hasn't changed. I can't find any way to fix this on the iPad and when I connect it via USB to my Mac it doesn't show up in the finder. iTunes does see it but doesn't seem to offer a way to delete the images. Photos does see the iPad's images but when I look at them on my Mac it displays a lot of them -- but then shows many more thumbnails that only contain a couple of overlaid rectangles -- no images! Could those be ones that were deleted in the iPad but the space for each wasn't given up? That would make sense but doesn't show how to fix it.

iPad 2, iOS 9.3.1
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Hi Nathaniel,


Not sure if you have resolved your problem yet. I had this issue with my phone. I realised that deleting the photos doesn't completely clear them off your device. To fully delete the files I had to go into albums at the bottom of the screen and then click on recently deleted. I was then able to delete all. This cleared the data and freed up my phone data.


I hope this helps, 

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