Macbook air 13inch 2014 i5 4gb ram extreme heating up is it safe?

Okay so here's the deal i started playing some games on my macbook air call of duty mw2 and assassins creed brotherhood/ac1. But as soon as i start playing games it starts heating up like crazy!! like seriously is it safe i cant even touch that side of my laptop when its s hot near the hinges under it and on the left top side!!

So is it alright for me to keep using it like playing games please help will it not harm my battery or sth anything?

I have even updated to the newest os osx capitan

PS sorry for bad english

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It is normal for the computer to heat up/fans run while playing computer intensive games, but it should not be hot enough to burn you.

If you are concerned that the computer is getting too hot, you can take the device to an Apple Store and have them run a hardware diagnostic.

My computer gets pretty hot while playing games as well, but I just don't touch the hot parts. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Also never play games or use the computer on your lap/bed/pillow/etc... as they could be blocking the ventilation areas on the computer.

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