64 GB HD, 54 GB taken up by not my files

Hi everyone,

I have a 64 GB Macbook Air. I have been getting notices that I am running out of space repeatedly. It seems this is usual when your computer drops below 10 GB. However, I have run several scans of my hard drive and my files, which are basically all documents, are only taking up 10 GB

19 GB by "user", of which 11 GB are only actually my files

Library has 6.8 GB taken up, of Logs, caches, Application Support mostly

There is also another 5 GB folder labeled Library that is made up of updates, fonts, and dictionaries.

Private has another 4 GB

System another 4 GB

Applications 3 GB, mostly from word, adobe, and browsers

I am wondering, can I delete any of these other files, in Library, or Updates, or Fonts? I have read that deleting Caches and Logs aren't a good idea, but is there any other way that I can free up space here?

Please do not direct me to these random web links on how to free up space. I've deleted downloads and the trash and done all of the usual things. I am here as a last resort.

Thank you

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Go step by step and check.

1. Start up in Safe Mode.


2. Backup your computer.

3. Empty Trash.


Click on an empty spot on the Desktop to activate Finder.

Right click on the Trash icon in the Dock.

Click “Empty Trash” to empty Trash.


Click Mailbox in the in the Mail menu bar.

Erase Deleted Items > In All Accounts

Erase Junk Mail


File > Recently Deleted > Click the “Delete All” button at the top right corner


iPhoto > Empty iPhoto Trash


4. Re-index Macintosh HD.

Storage categories shown are based on Spotlight index.

This will take a while. Wait until it is finished.

System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy


5.Try OmniDiskSweeper. This will show the storage size details of the items.


Select Macintosh HD and click “Sweep Selected Drive” at the bottom.

Be careful. Delete only the files that can be safely deleted. If you are not sure about any file, don’t touch it.

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