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I have been scammed before, I am embarrased to say, and I know that Cardinal Rule number one of the Internet is never buy or sign up for anything that was directed to you, rather than you initiating the search for the product. I got a phone call this morning from an outfit in the 213 area code (although Caller ID read 131 as the AC) claiming that I had been hacked and needed to repair my network. I was directed to open Terminal on my MacBook where I could see a list of IP addresses preceded by the prefix tcp3 and under the heading <state> it read connected or something like that after each one. The rep on the phone worked with me for a couple of hours as he fixed the (apparent) problem while in control of my computer, and in the end offered software packages that would prevent further attacks from being successful, as well as provide virus protection, etc. The company's URL is, which is also its name. Is it normal for a third party to monitor network traffic on a random individual's computer (although the rep said I was receiving this service because of some other security protection I already had) and inform him/her of apparent hacking? I should add that the rep was very polite and already knew my contact information. Did I really screw up, again? Thanks and please be gentle.

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I concur with Bob, get rid of Norton Symantec. The installation of Norton on your Mac is one of the most hosed up one I have ever seen. It appears that all of the parts of it are crashing.

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