I have an ERROR CODE 36 appearing when backing up my PHOTOS Library from one external drive to another. What's the best way to resolve this? Also, has anyone used 'dot_clean'?

I have a MacBook Pro that's mainly used for PHOTOS and use 2 external drives 1 for holding my PHOTOS Library and the other for back up. I have roughly 1tb of photos data. My back ups have worked perfectly since setting it up over 12 months ago. However, I have just had an ERROR CODE - 36 issue which stops the backup after roughly 700gb of data has been processed. I need to find a solution and wondered if anyone can advise me on the best one. I've seen something called 'dot_clean' on the web and wondered whether this is a safe option to consider.

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If Photos or iPhoto is running, please quit it and try the backup again.

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