is there a way to get rid of the folders but not the photos on a mac drive?

Hi im a Pc user (sorry) anyways i got a drive from a friend and it was from his old macbook that was damaged, he recently got a new one and unfortunately all his photos are gone and he cannot get them back the people at future shop quoted him $500 for them to move the data from the hard drive to another which is a big load of crap since in about 5 minutes online i found out how to access mac drives without downloading any programs to do it for me and without fail.anyways i was wondering if here is a tool that can be used to move all the pictures or videos on a drive into one or 2 folders so the folders can be deleted and all the photos in one place. the photos are spread among 6000 folders he has over 12000 photos and i do not want to sift through for hours dragging and dropping it would take forever.

summary of problem: there are 12000 photos spread among 6000 folders and i want them all in one or two folders without sifting through all the folders by hand.
thanks hope someone can help me

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I no longer have the application, iPhoto, on my computer but is it on the computer you now have? If so, I think that there is a setting in Preferences to gather up all the photos on the drive and put them into an iPhoto library. You could then pass the library to your friend.

Though he might not be pleased as he seems to value his own manner of organizing photos rather than being organized into a single database.

With a little research you might be able to find a way to put all the photos into Google Photos

By the way there is another discussion group more appropriate your hardware. They may be better positioned to help with this or future questions. Or for searching for solutions.

Please let us know how you solve this problem.

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