How to stop "Messages Agent wants to use the 'login' keychain. Please enter the keychain password" from occurring every time I turn my computer back on?

After I log into my computer, a popup always keychain problem.jpgappears that says: "Messages Agent wants to use the 'login' keychain. Please enter the keychain password" and I have to enter it everytime before I start using my computer. I never use Messages ever, so its perplexing to me why this keeps appearing. Why does this happen and how do I stop it from popping up every single time I sign into my user.

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I am not sure the Alert is about the Messages app despite the wording.

Messages uses an App called IMAgent to support it in Connections to the servers and starting certain functions.

However if you do not use Messages check the System Preferences > Mail, Contacts and Calendars pane.

Make sure email accounts that might be considered Messages IDs are not active for the Messages app.

For Instance an AIM or AOL email address is most likely to also work as an AIM screen name in the Messages app.

The Google Mail ID will also work if Talk is enabled on your Google Account settings.

If you have various Apple Emails (, @, and then these may also work as AIM valid Screen Names (you have to keep the password to 16 characters or less) as well.

The Messages app can also use Yahoo IDs


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