How do I remove/store/save 158 gb of photos on my 250 gb mac Book?

The 158 gb of photos were mostly in iPhoto until they migrated to Photos library on iCloud. I am running out of memory on my 250 gb MacBook so I need to store them on another drive or SD card or flash drive. Apparently I cannot load them into iCloud drive and use Optimize memory to only download needed photos because they were on iPhoto.

Would it work if I downloaded(saved) them to a flash drive then imported them to Photos? Would they be downloaded to iCloud Photo Library and allow me to use Optimize Memory?


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I think that you are talking about iPhoto's "My Photo Stream" feature which was very handy and would have served you better, perhaps, than Photos' brute force insistence on having everything everywhere.

But you can decrease the size of the Photos Library by choosing Optimize Mac Storage rather than Download Originals to this Mac in

Photos -> Preferences -> iCloud. I don't know how much smaller your Photos Library would become but it might be enough to give you some space on your Mac. A screenshot of my Photos preferences (different setting than what I'm suggesting) is below. I don't particularly see what My Photo Stream does in this context.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.32.44 PM.png

Please let us know how it goes. I still think that an external drive is the way to go.

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