Photo Storage says 20gb but I hardly have any photos?

Hi there, first post so bear with me...

When I go to 'About this Mac' and then 'Storage'. It tells me I have 18.97gb of photos. I have cleared my iphoto album and have made a photo folder on the desktop of any I want to keep which totals less than 1gb of photos. When I click on photos on the finder sidebar there are no photos there. Trash is clear.

Can anyone explain the discrepancy?

It also says I have 2.16gb of audio when I have no music on this mac as I use Spotify and any old music I have is on an external hd...

Thanks for your help!

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Apologies if you are way past this suggestion but maybe you put photos in the trash but haven't emptied the trash yet?

I no longer have iPhoto to check but doesn't it have its own trash separate from the system Trash?

Video can eat up a lot of storage space quickly.

OmniDiskSweeper, a free program, can search you drive and indicate large files and folders. There are other, similar applications.

Let us know how you solve this,

dick glendon

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