Macbook or Mabcbook Air

Hi all..I'm wondering which of these two to decide on getting:-

12' New Macbook or

13' Macbook Air

Since I already am comming from a "pro" i think the 11' MBA would be too small, which is why i would stay with 13 or possible 12-inces

Any noticeable differences apart performance, as i see on Apple compare page, MBA is slightly faster, and thinner, but 12' New Mac does come with one USB-C port, which makes it better..

I don't need the expand-ability, and the camera doesn't do anything for me. so that's not an issue at all.

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Then choose the MBA with 8GB of Ram. The SSD as big as you can afford and what you need for your use. On my machine 256GB is not enough, but on my wife's machine 128GB is more than enough...

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