Macbook 12 wifi weak?

I have a Macbook 12 (2015) which seems to be having major issues with wifi when it is some distance away from the router

e.g. In a room where I used to get seamless connectivity on my Macbook Air 13 (early 2014) with a RSSI of 78-80db, the macbook 12 struggles real bad almost to the point of being non usable

Interestingly the signal value it shoes is around the same (RSSI ~80db, noise of around 95dbm)

yet at the same signal level, it is unable to access the net or even ping the router.

I would like to believe it is a software issue rather than a hardware limitation (like a weak antenna) esp given the fact that the signal levels reported by OS X are roughly the same

As a workaround, I have temporarily installed another router on the 2nd floor but of course, the experience is nowhere as seamless as what it used to be with the macbook air with which there was no need to switch networks

FWIW, an older macbook 11 (2011 model) also works in the weak coverage areas albeit with some dropped packets - The macbook 12 on the other hand drops all packets in the same areas

Do note that I get excellent speeds as long as I am in reasonable range of the router.

Trouble starts brewing only when I get to weak signal areas (where my cellphones do have trouble maintaining the signal although the older Airs have no trouble maintaining a stable connection.

All systems were running 10.11.3- I update the macbook 12 to 10.11.4 but that hasn't helped either

Any thoughts?

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There are a few options available to you. First try changing the network channel in your router in case of interference from other Wi-Fi signals in the area. If this doesn't work then setting up an extended network can help with Wi-Fi range and interference.

Wi-Fi base stations: Extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional Wi-Fi base stations - Apple Suppo…

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