What's your best way to recognize scanned documents on mac?

how do you recognize scanned documents and make them editable on a mac
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Usually two ways for me to recognize scanned documents:
If I just want to convert them to plain text, I would use online OCR tools, like onlineocr.net, Free Online OCR, etc. 

To convert scanned document to excel, word, powerpoint, keynote, epub, etc.on Mac, a more specialized program like Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is needed.  
  1. Go to the interface of "Converter", import PDF or images into the program.
  2. Turn the OCR button ON, and choose an output. 
  3. Click "Convert" to recognize scanned documents to editable type. 

 If you already have Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac, everything will be convenient. 

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