IMac late 2011something running in background

Sounds like something running in background slowing system down

EtreCheck version: 3.4.6 (460)

Report generated 2018-02-07 15:04:25

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Runtime: 2:39

Performance: Excellent


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Problem: Computer is too slow


Hardware Information:

    iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011)

    [Technical Specifications] - [User Guide] - [Warranty & Service]

    iMac - model: iMac12,2

    1 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 (i5-2500S) CPU: 4-core

    4 GB RAM Upgradeable - [Instructions]

        BANK 0/DIMM0

            2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok

        BANK 1/DIMM0

            2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok

        BANK 0/DIMM1


        BANK 1/DIMM1


    Handoff/Airdrop2: not supported

    Wireless:  en1: 802.11 a/b/g/n

    iCloud Quota: 2.70 GB available


Video Information:

    Intel HD Graphics 3000 - VRAM: 384 MB

    AMD Radeon HD 6770M - VRAM: 512 MB

        iMac 2560 x 1440


Disk Information:

    WDC WD1001FALS-403AA0 disk0: (1 TB) (Rotational)

    [Show SMART report]

        EFI (disk0s1 - MS-DOS FAT32) <not mounted>  [EFI]: 210 MB

        Macintosh HD (disk0s2 - Journaled HFS+) /  [Startup]: 999.35 GB (771.46 GB free)

        Recovery HD (disk0s3 - Journaled HFS+) <not mounted>  [Recovery]: 650 MB


    OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5690H  ()


USB Information:


        Apple Inc. FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)


            Apple Inc. BRCM2046 Hub

                Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller



            Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver

            Apple Internal Memory Card Reader


Thunderbolt Information:

    Apple Inc. thunderbolt_bus


System Software:

    macOS High Sierra  10.13.2 (17C205) - Time since boot: less than an hour



    Mac App Store and identified developers


System Launch Agents:

    [not loaded]    9 Apple tasks

    [loaded]    173 Apple tasks

    [running]    108 Apple tasks


System Launch Daemons:

    [failed] (Apple, Inc. - installed 2017-12-01)

    [not loaded]    36 Apple tasks

    [loaded]    186 Apple tasks

    [running]    109 Apple tasks


Launch Agents:

    [loaded] (Google, Inc. - installed 2017-09-28) [Lookup]


Launch Daemons:

    [loaded]    com.adobe.fpsaud.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2017-12-14) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (Apple, Inc. - installed 2017-12-01)

    [loaded] (Google, Inc. - installed 2017-10-15) [Lookup]


User Launch Agents:

    [loaded]    com.adobe.ARM.[...].plist (? 560d19c8 7b48b8a6 - installed 2018-01-20) [Lookup]

    [loaded]    com.dropbox.DropboxMacUpdate.agent.plist (Dropbox, Inc. - installed 2017-08-11) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (Skype Communications S.a.r.l - installed 2017-06-02) [Lookup]

    [loaded]    com.spotify.webhelper.plist (Spotify - installed 2016-12-05) [Lookup]


User Login Items:

    Dropbox    Application


    AdobeResourceSynchronizer    Application



Internet Plug-ins:

    FlashPlayer-10.6: (installed 2018-01-19) [Lookup]

    QuickTime Plugin: 7.7.3 (installed 2018-01-06)

    AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: 11.0.23 (installed 2018-01-20) [Lookup]

    AdobePDFViewer: 11.0.23 (installed 2018-01-20) [Lookup]

    Flash Player: (installed 2018-01-19) Outdated! Update

    NP_2020Player_WEB: (installed 2011-10-26) [Lookup]

    Silverlight: 5.1.30514.0 (installed 2015-01-20) [Lookup]

    JavaAppletPlugin: 15.0.1 (installed 2012-01-30) Check version


Safari Extensions:

    [enabled]    AdBlock - Michael Gundlach - (installed 2015-09-11)


3rd Party Preference Panes:

    Flash Player (installed 2017-12-14) [Lookup]

    Rapport (installed 2012-04-25) [Lookup]


Time Machine:

    Skip System Files: NO

    Mobile backups: OFF

    Auto backup: YES

    Volumes being backed up:

        Macintosh HD: Disk size: 999.35 GB Disk used: 227.89 GB


        Seagate Backup Plus Drive [Local]

        Total size: 999.86 GB

        Total number of backups: 19

        Oldest backup: 07/08/2016, 18:38

        Last backup: 21/01/2018, 13:55

        Size of backup disk: Adequate

            Backup size 999.86 GB > (Disk used 227.89 GB X 3)


Top Processes by CPU:

         8%   mdworker

         7%   mdworker

         7%   mdworker

         7%   mdworker

         6%   mdworker


Top Processes by Memory:

    533 MB    kernel_task

    223 MB    Safari

    197 MB

    160 MB

    149 MB    mds_stores


Top Processes by Network Use:

    Input     Output    Process name

    85 KB     141 KB    Dropbox

    154 KB    27 KB     mDNSResponder

    5 KB      6 KB      apsd

    7 KB      2 KB      cloudd

    2 KB      558 B     netbiosd


Top Processes by Energy Use:

      8.06 mds_stores

      6.10 mdworker

      5.38 mdworker

      4.48 WindowServer


Virtual Memory Information:

    1.19 GB   Available RAM

    19 MB     Free RAM

    2.81 GB   Used RAM

    1.17 GB   Cached files

    2 MB      Swap Used


Software installs (last 30 days):

    Adobe Flash Player:  (installed 2018-01-19)

    Adobe Reader XI (11.0.23):  (installed 2018-01-20)

    Photos Duplicate Cleaner: 1.8 (installed 2018-01-20)

    Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: 2.2 (installed 2018-01-20)


    Install information may not be complete.


Diagnostics Events (last 3 days for minor events):

    2018-02-07 14:45:41    Software Crash [Open]

        Cause:        objc_msgSend() selector name: productKey

    2018-02-07 14:23:48    Last shutdown cause: 0 - Power loss

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howapple - hello

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Although I don't see other of its components, this could be the cause:

3rd Party Preference Panes:

    Flash Player (installed 2017-12-14) [Lookup]

    Rapport (installed 2012-04-25) [Lookup] <<<<<


Rapport has never worked properly on Macs in spite of what appear to be honest efforts on the part of the developer to cure its ills. Plus your version will be six years old soon. Completely remove it using the developer's instructions here:


Adding more RAM might be appropriate but, at the time of the test, your iMac was not starved for RAM. Therefore adding RAM will not miraculously make your computer twice as fast. Yours can hold up to 32GB RAM but I suspect adding two 2GB modules (to make a total installed of 8GB) might help a little. We have an iMac and a MacBook Pro of the same time period as yours but with slightly slower 2.5ghz i5 processors. They have no issues running well with High Sierra and 8GB RAM.

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