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When an device is running out of power, why don't you have it turn off, except for Find My iPhone.  That way you can still contact the phone for several days or weeks.


Several times I have left my phone somewhere, either in my home or in my car (where it fell under the seat).  If I don't get to it by 24 hours, the power is dead and it no longer sends its location signal and it no longer can make the sound from Find My iPhone.


It would be so nice if the Phone turned off with a few percent of battery left so when you searched for the phone you could find its location and so that you could ping it to locate it in your house or car.

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The radios (cellular/wifi/bluetooth/GPS) necessary for locating your iPhone are what consume the most power in any phone, even more than the screen. Try to enable plane mode and see how much longer your battery lasts, you'll be amazed. In my opinion, that's why the feature you are thinking of currently cannot exist, because of these technical limitations.

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