Reinstalling an app that was removed from the App Store

I recently upgraded my iPhone and restored the backup of my old phone onto the new one.  One app showed a cloud-and-arrow next to its icon.  If I tap the icon, it will try and install the app but comes back with a message that the app is no longer available in the App Store, and fail.


I have the app's .ipa file in my iTunes folder.  I have tried to install the app by dragging the .ipa file into iTunes with the phone connected, but I get a message that iTunes cannot install the app "because it has already been installed".


The obvious solution would be to delete the app from the phone and reinstall from iTunes, however I definitely want to keep the user data associated with the app.  If I delete the app, I lose that.  Is there a way to force iTunes to install the app and retain my data?

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I managed to do this via XCode:

- connect the iPhone to the Mac running XCode: Window->Devices and Simulators

- open the Devices window, click on the iPhone in the list of devices

- Drag the .ipa file to the "installed apps" section of the window


The app installed and my user data was retained.

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