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I had an iPhone 6s with ATT.    My now ex-husband was the account owner.    I now have an iPhone 8 with Sprint. I’m guessing because it was Apple to Apple I have all my contacts, and the Apple ID information followed the phone too. I changed the owner name in settings general and put my name in so it reads Monica iPhone 8.  I kept my email address the same so my emails transferred from the 6s to the 8.    I had Facebook open and when I was closing it I noticed on the bottom a little cloud that said Anthony’s iPhone. I need to get that Anthony off. I don’t know why it says Anthony. It should say Monica’s iPhone. In the Apple site I kept my email address but changed the password. Any suggestions how I remove that name

iPhone 8, iOS 9.3.3
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There is no square at the bottom of the Facebook app to close it. You close the Facebook App by clicking on the home Button of your iPhone like any other app.

Facebook on the App Store


If you are tapping an icon like: ios9-pages-icon.png then you are viewing the Facebook website in Safari.

As said if you are using Safari to open the Facebook website, then what you are seeing is the iCloud Tabs for Safari.


For example:



You can turn off the Safari Tabs as explained above to no longer see it, or just wait for it to go away on its own. If you don't have another device using your Apple ID at this point, you can safely turn off in iCloud and that shout remove the name immediately.

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