Google Chrome Saving Passwords - Safe?

For Mac users with operating systems High Sierra - is it safe to let Google Chrome remember your user name and password for different web logins without any additional encryption software?


I recently attended a presentation meant for PC users and learned that when the browser prompts you to save your login information - without additional encryption software - hackers can download your information right off of Google Chrome.  I asked the presenter if that was also true for Macs with the latest OS installed.  He wasn't sure.


Does anyone know the answer?



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As far as I know, Chrome does not save passwords in the macOS Keychain.   So it is most likely using the same code on macOS as it is using on Windows.  If it is not secure on Windows, then it would not be secure on macOS.


Personally, I use 1Password on my Macs and iPhone to store my passwords.  The passwords are kept in an encrypted file on my Mac, but I sync the already encrypted file with my other Macs and my iPhone, so I always have up-to-date password information on all my systems.


There are other people that like as a cross platform password manager.


NOTE:  I like 1Password for more than just saving the password.  I also save things like the account security questions so I have the "Exact" spelling of my answers to each of the questions.  I store secure notes and images in 1Password.  It can contain a lot of non-password information, all kept securely encrypted.

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