iWatch2 issues after 4.2.2 update - help?



I have an iWatch series 2, and have some major issues ever since I updated to version 4.2.2


I had absolutely no issues with my watch prior to this update.


Here are the issues:


- my screen is jumping, zooming in and out, and scrolling by itself - like the watch is possessed;

- the crown does not seem to be able to scroll up and down anymore;

- when I am playing music, the volume goes up by itself. Even when I turn it down, it goes back up again on its own;

- there is now an incredible battery drain. Before the update, I would get 2 full days without having to charge. Now, I get less than one day. I have not changed my usage, nor have I installed new apps.


All of these issues appeared after the 4.2.2 update. None were present before.


After reading many threads in forums, here are the actions I have taken to try and fix the issue, but with no success:


- restarted iWatch and iPhone;

- cleaned crown;

- unpaired iWatch and paired again using the backup

- unpaired iWatch and paired again using option "pair as new iWatch".


I don't know what to try next. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Here's the battery issue, because it's happening to me.  In it's "possessed" mode, the watch is under constant use.  This is what causes the battery depletion.  My watch would normally be at 65% battery life at the end of a 16-hr day of normal use.  These past two days it was down to 10% after 10 hours or less, so I spoke to Apple Support last night.  Diagnostic showed the battery to be at the top of the "good" mark.  Off, on, hard reset, unpaired and paired and I was then to check it out today.  Waiting for a call back at 5 p.m. to tell them if it's okay.  But last night I'm glancing at my watch and it's acting like I'm turning the crown back and forth, yet I'm not.  I have the Astronomy watch face, and the earth is going through its cycle, back and forth, pausing, starting up again, while I'm doing nothing.  Yeah - like it was possessed. So - that's what is causing the large battery drain. Heavy usage.  I took my watch off (who really wants to wear a possessed watch? :-p ) and will await the call back tonight and then schedule service.

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