iPhone 6 gps not working but apple "genius" says it is.

Went to the Apple Store in Cerritos ca and sat there for an hour and a half after my scheduled appointment time for someone to talk to me. Gps has not been finding my location. I've done everything u can do with settings and reinstalling that u possibly can. I've been asked the same questions about 100 times between Apple chat, Apple Store, and Apple "certified " Best Buy techs.  1 month of frustration later I find out that the part that's responsible for gps on iPhone 6 is probably not working and is on the board so is not replaceable. How convenient Apple. I guess I have to buy an IPhone 8 or X huh? Not this time Apple and never again. I vow to never step foot in another Apple Store again or purchase another Apple product. Your customer service is some of the worst I have ever experienced. And corporate's handling of the faulty hardware is a reflection of the greed that your company possesses. It definitely starts at the top and works it's way down. I'm just mad that it took me so long to realize how greedy of a company Apple is and the vision Steve Jobs had for Apple is no more. Never again Apple. 
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To take the issue on the road (and record upload it) may make for some curious

or funny video that may have millions of followers online, and a portion of fame.


However if you don't participate in the ownership game, you'd never know for

sure when the game has changed ~ or when those issues you've found in your

experience with Apple, had been addressed. Or if they're hardware or software.


Not sure if you should include those best geek dudes in your video without mention.


Did it help to see if you could use GPS with cell data and not wi-fi?


Tried to keep all those extras turned off in my iPhone. Except when I needed a browser

and found all that was offline because I was out of wi-fi range. Hard to search for phone

number by name of business, without the ads in search engine of browser, loading up.

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