Where to find the full keyboard layout?

I have a MacBook Air with a swiss keyboard layout. This layout does not show all special characters on it, like the square brackets, backslach, slash etc etc.


Is there a map of special characters of the keyboard I can get when pressing 'alt'? Or 'CTRL'? Or 'Alt+Ctrl'? So in fact an image of the layout which shows me that e.g. by pressing 'Alt' and '5' I get the left square bracket?


I have search for such images/layouts, but did not find any...

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Go to System Preferences>Keyboard and check 'Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in menu bar'. Then in the menu bar click the icon and choose 'Show Keyboard viewer'. Press the modifier keys  - shift and/or option (alt) -0 to see the available characters. Many more characters are available from the Character Viewer where they are displayed and you double-click them to add to your document.

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