Any of USB3 ports not working on Mac Mini Late 2012

I wonder why no USB3 device is recognized by my Mac Mini late 2012 with MacOS 10.13.3, all ports work only as USB2.


I bought a new USB3 pen drive and it does not even appear connected ???


What should I do?

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jweisinger wrote:


Its a MECO USB 3.0 16GB Flash Drive Memory Stick U Disk Pen DriveMECO 3.0 USB Flash Drive Memory Stick U Disk Pen Drive.jpg


Is this one of those amazingly cheap flash drives out of China?*


Because if they are amazingly cheap, it is because they are amazingly fake. It is a known scam. It may mount somewhere and even look like its supposed capacity but trying to copy more than a minimal amount of data onto it will fail because they use reject undersize chips and alter the way it reports its capacity to your OS.




* Yep just checked on eBay - FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! If you paid with PayPAL get your money back.

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