ios 11 slows down iphone 6

How do I speed my iPhone 6 up after it upgraded to iOS 11???  Buy an android and throw this iPhone off a cliff??? 

After researching this issue, I’ve found that Apple deliberately slowed my phone down.  I can buy (really buy something from the company that is trying to take advantage of me) a new battery???? Or upgrade????  Well guess what??  I’m going to upgrade TO AN ANDROID!!!!! 

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I must agree with you, had my battery upgraded and the phone still runs poorly after upgrading . So I have a choice move to Android or spend a lot of money on a new iPhone. I think I am going to make the switch to Android and as far as app's I have very rarely paid for an app. It will be a big move since everything computer I have is Apple however after this I am turned off on Apple and will make the move in the coming weeks to a Samsung Galaxy 8.

Good by Apple it has been fun until now.

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