How to delete photo description so it is truly deleted?

I'm using léonie's automator script/service (Automator Service: Photos: Batch Append Text to a Description) to append text to Descriptions in Photos. What I'm experiencing is if a photo has a Description, then I delete it manually (DELETE key) using Info box (CMD+I), when I run the service the original text comes back and the new text is appended to it.


For example, if the description is "Orig_text" and I delete it manually, I run the service to append "New_Text", I end up with "Orig_Text New_Text" in the Description. So even though I do not see any existing Description it's actually there. If I manually change the Description to "A", delete it, then I end up with "A NewText".


I don't understand why this is happening or what to do about it. How do you delete a Description so it is actually deleted? Or treat a "blank" Description as blank. This is messing me up since when I go back to Descriptions there could be all kinds of wonky stuff in there.


I am using iCloud photo library

Photos v3.0 (3251.12.190)

OS High Sierra 10.13.3

Macbook Pro, null
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I have just done an experiment and I see the same behaviour. The "Missing value" test in the script never fires, because the old value is returned even when it has been deleted.


If you modify the script to replace rather than append the new text, it works. Perhaps you could work around this by selecting only images where you want to append text, and using the standard script; then selecting only images where you want to replace the text, and using a modified script, where the line

set the description to (old_desc & input as text)


is replaced by


set the description to (input as text)


You could also delete the missing value test, and change the prompt to be clearer, but this minimal change would do the replacement.

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