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I live in Brisbane, Have never lived in Sydney NSW. Have often visited though. Before I even visited NSW all my devices were saying "someone is trying to logon from Sydney NSW"  "Allow" or "Disallow" I pressed allow thinking it was a mistake. reply came back you may want to change your password. I changed my password. It had reached a point where I stopped changing the password, and i pressed "Allow" then somewhere down the track, someone is ordering items under my account, and I reply back to stop payment as it wasn't me. All this frustration is really driving me to go "SAMSUNG"



iPhone 5, iOS 10.2.1
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So you gave someone permission to use your account. The same thing would happen if you did that with a Samsung or any other smartphone.


Why didn't you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled, as Apple repeatedly asked you to do? That would have prevented this from happening. Apple can provide the tools to protect you and your account, but they are not responsible if you don't use them.

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