How do I get an app out of slideover view?

After I use an app on my iPad in slideover view, how do I get it to open from the dock in full screen? I have to go to recent view or the home screen to get the full screen view.

iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi, Cellular, iOS 11.2.5
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I have an iPad mini 2, so split view doesn’t work at all. The question is about slideover view. I guess I wasn’t clear enough.


Say I’m using one app and then open another one in slideover, and then move the second app offscreen. Then, later on, when I want to open the second app in full screen view, I can’t just open it from the dock, because it will open in slideover again. I have to go to recent apps or the home screen to get the second app to open in full screen view, which is what I now want.


I have since discovered that if I open a third app in slideover, the second one opens normally, so that’s the best answer, I guess.

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