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Hi everyone.  I recently started getting two notifications for all my calendar alerts on my apple watch, but I don't get the same on my iphone even though the setting is to mirror my iphone for calendar notifications.  I notice the icon is a little different for each of the notifications.  This happens for both my icloud and my work calendars.

Apple Watch Series 3, watchOS 4.2
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Hi richboroerik, 

It looks like you are receiving two notifications for all of your calendar alerts on your Apple Watch. You don't receive two alerts on the iPhone and you have the Apple Watch setting to mirror the iPhone. What I'd like you have you do is to:
  1. Turn the notifications off for the calendar on both devices
  2. Restart both the Apple Watch and the iPhone
  3. Turn the notifications back on for each device
Let me know if you still having issues with these double notifications.


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